Watch Kate Beckinsale tell Funny or Die she wants Republicans to “get in my vagina”

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In case you've been quietly, creepily waiting for a viral video in which Kate Beckinsale discusses her needs and wants for her vagina, your unlikely vigil is over. Beckinsale stars alongside Judy Greer and Andrea Savage in a new clip from Funny or Die's political offshoot Live Funny or Die portraying the Real Republican Real Women of Real America, all of whom are dying to have the government intervene in their vaginal health as much as possible.

It opens with the line, "I don't want the government in banks. I don't want government in the classroom. Where do I want government? In my vagina," and closes with a plea to "Let the oval office in your oval office," so you can more or less guess what the rest of the video is like. As a parody of the recent "War on Women," it's pretty on-point (if a bit late to the game). Plus, it's a nice change of pace to see Beckinsale in a role that doesn't involve hunting and/or being a vampire while wearing a black vinyl onesie. Win-win!