Watch: Kirk Douglas' Oscar speech auto-tuned

So last night's Oscars were a predictable snooze-fest, but never fear: Auto-Tune has come to the rescue! Watch ninety-four-year-old legend Kirk Douglas present the award for best supporting actress as he ogles Anne Hathaway in the most palatable way possible — with blippy beats and mechanical vocals, of course.

The internet practically mandates these sorts of things be made nowadays and rightfully so. Besides, these two minutes trump the lame Auto-Tune montage shown during the actual ceremony. The academy should leave this technology in the hands of the web, the medium that mastered it in the first place.

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Commentarium (5 Comments)

Feb 28 11 - 1:55pm

I wonder if there's a away to prevent that disapearance of lips in old age...'cause that shit's creepy.

Feb 28 11 - 1:57pm

this is nearly as painful as it was the first time around. he already sounded auto-tuned. yikes.

Feb 28 11 - 2:03pm

Euggh... Was that vid an expression of the autistic mind. Save yourself the trouble netizens and walk over to the wall and hit your head against it for three minutes. Same result.

Feb 28 11 - 4:43pm

un effing watchable