Texas bill would ban academic discrimination against creationists

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Last week, Texas Republican State Rep. Bill Zedler introduced a bill that would ensure that proponents of intelligent design were not discriminated against in the workplace, specifically at institutions of higher education. Because evolutionists can be so cruel in their pointing out of scientific facts. The main part of HB 2454 states:

"An institution of higher education may not discriminate against or penalize in any manner, especially with regard to employment or academic support, a faculty member or student based on the faculty member's or student's conduct of research relating to the theory of intelligent design or other alternate theories of the origination and development of organisms."

A writer for Texas Freedom Network Insider wonders at the implications of such a bill becoming law. Would a university be handcuffed into supporting junk science that discredits the work of Darwin? Would a biology professor have to look the other way when a creationist student turns in a paper that makes a mockery of evolutionary science?

The National Center for Science Education monitors anti-evolution legislation across the U.S. They see in HB 2454 the same playing of the martyr card by creationists that was evidenced in the Ben Stein documentary, Expelled, an anti-evolution film that tried to blame Darwin for the Holocaust. NCSE went on to debunk that film by the guy known for his eyedrop commercials. Academic freedom is an important principle, but I have faith that Reason will win out in this particular case.