Watch: lost footage from the original “Black Swan”

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I have to confess, I scratched my head when I first saw the disguised headline saying that stand-up comic Todd Barry had been the original "Black Swan," with no mention of Funny or Die. Todd Barry as a ballet dancer? I pictured him in a tutu doing an entrechat. It didn't compute. The conceit that Black Swan was based on Barry's deli-manager character from Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler made a little more sense, but not much.

Aronofsky was a good sport to do this video, and it's pretty funny. I'm only half-kidding when I say that I'd love to see a full-length version of The Deli Manager, which kind of sounds like it could be an early Adam Sandler vehicle. It's amusing to imagine Natalie Portman working a meat slicer at the deli, or the thought of them filming in Barbados. And if you look quickly, you can see a M.I.L.F. porn site on Barry's laptop. For a second there, I shared Portman's triumph in being promoted to assistant deli manager. Working at a deli never seemed so dramatic. The guy really has to learn his pastas though.