Watch Paul Rudd answer questions from teenage girls, including why boys love boobs

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If you're not familiar with Tavi Gevinson, she's a scarily precocious fashion phenom whose blog, Style Rookie (started when she was like twelve-years old), catapulted her to the front rows of major runway shows. Tavi is now editor-in-chief of her own online magazine aimed at teen girls, Rookie, where you can learn important things like how to bejewel your tights, and how to "bitchface" from Tavi herself.

Rookie also features a monthly column called "Ask a Grown Man," in which adult male humans answer questions from readers. Previous grown men offering their services include comedian Hannibal Buress and OK Go singer Damian Kulash. The January edition upped the stakes a bit by landing the likable Paul Rudd, star of the upcoming Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston.

Why Rudd agreed to do the thing in the first place, I'm not really sure. Rudd takes his job pretty seriously here, only dropping one bad pun. He answers five questions in all, including "Why WHY are boys so obsessed with boobs?" Here's Dr. Rudd's take on it:

"It's a good question and I'm sure there's some kind of biological explanation such as sustenance, and when we were babies, breast milk is what kept us alive. There's also the thing of — we don't have them. So they're just interesting. Maybe it's a combination of those two, and then a third, maybe because they're just awesome."

Rudd also goes on to offer his two cents on that When Harry Met Sally question about the possibility of guys and gals being platonic friends, as well as other topics like how to steal a guy who's already attached, and the necessity of matching underwear. Look for Rudd's new Tiger Beat column coming soon.

Ask a Grown Man With Paul Rudd from Rookie on Vimeo.