Watch: Rob Zombie’s unexpected commercial for Woolite

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Yes, all the the words in that headline are correct. Rob Zombie, a man best known for his heavy-metal music and directing super-violent flicks like House of 1000 Corpses, was tapped by detergent brand Woolite to create a commercial as part of their new "Don't Torture Your Clothes" campaign. I guess if you're going to go dark, you may as well get a man who seriously knows what he's doing. Though Mr. Zombie insists that the clip is more Tim Burton than Leatherface, it still has that creepy, backwoods-terror vibe that he is so known for.

And honestly? The commercial turned out pretty good, as far as commercials for laundry products go:

Your move, Snuggle the fabric-softening bear. Maybe in your next ad campaign you can maul some hikers? "Snuggle: Keeping your clothes just as soft as your innards."