Watch: Silky voiced homeless man, Ted Williams, is the internet’s new viral star

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Ted Williams singing homeless man

A new viral video star has been born: Ted Williams, a Brooklyn native who panhandles by the side of Interstate 71 in Columbus, Ohio, was interviewed by a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch recently, and a future member of the Meme Team revealed himself to us. Imagine a down-on-his-luck Jimi Hendrix with the golden-throated assurance of your local quiet storm radio DJ. That's Ted Williams. 

Where you would anticipate a raspy bark, Mr. Williams is possessed of a set of pipes that seem destined for radio stardom. And his prayers may have been answered. Hosts of the local radio morning show "Dave & Jimmy" bantered about Williams during Tuesday's show, and even lined up an interview with him on today's show. The Dave & Jimmy Facebook page even vowed, "We're going to find some way to help this guy!"

I'm about twenty viewings deep so far, where I'm trying to detect songs from passing cars and varying wind patterns, and wondering about the "inadvertant" ad for the Lowe's home-improvement store behind Mr. Williams' right shoulder, stage left. I don't recommend it. Update: the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Mr. Williams full-time voiceover work, and a house whose mortgage they will pay. Nice.