Watch: skeevy bra fitting tutorial by self-declared “Mr. Bra”

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I should have known what I was getting into when I started watching a video by a person who earnestly refers to himself as "Mr. Bra." But I really didn't. As it turns out, Mr. Bra isn't just an enthusiastic bra salesman with a cheesy title for himself. No, he's the world's most intense and intensely unsettling bra enthusiast, who would like nothing more than to tell you about all the different preferences women have for the tightness of said bras, to use the word "tight" as many times as possible while doing so, then to wax poetic about fitting bras on tweens.

Watch the above tutorial-cum-advertisement as Mr. Bra coins a new catchphrase ("bingo zingo!"), subtly feels up his model, and lovingly pats the butt of a mannequin outfitted in "padded panties." Or skip ahead to the big finish at 13:35,  where he changes the lyrics in Culture Beat's immortal "Mr. Vain" to — you guessed it — "Mr. Bra" and dances around his own dressing room with something called a breast form. Uh, bingo zingo!