Watch: Skins-style trailer for fake Archie movie

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If you grew up reading Archie comics, you're familiar with the corny, vanilla ways of the gang from Riverdale High. But what would that innocent comic world look like if some sex, drugs and violence were added to the mix? A fan-created trailer for Riverdale, presented by Canadian sketch-comedy group, Cross Eyed Bear, goes to that dark place. And the humor lies in the contrast with the original, otherwise it looks like standard fare. One can only imagine the sordid possibilities of a full-length Archie movie. Would the principal, Mr. Weatherbee, be a pedophile? Would Big Ethel be into rough sex? Would chemistry professor/music teacher Mr. Flutesnoot be a meth addict? In the trailer shown here, the homoerotic suspicions that hover around Batman and Robin and Gilligan and The Skipper are manifested in the character of Jughead, who would like to be more than friends with Archie. Next, I'd like to see a Sapphic take on Josie and the Pussycats.