Watch some dude who resembles Ryan Gosling teach you how to look like Ryan Gosling

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Who better (other than Ryan Gosling himself) than a Baby Goose lookalike to tell you how to look like Ryan Gosling? Resembling Ryan Gosling isn't the worst thing that can happen to a dude: if said dude were to have low moral standards, he might try to capitalize on his fortuitous resemblance to the Notebook star by frequenting clubs with his hoodie perfectly arranged, and attempt to pick up intoxicated girls under false pretenses. But if that dude is aspiring film producer Joey Thompson, he might make an instructional video on how you too can resemble RyGos.

In the video, Thompson offers a number of tips on how to pass for the thirty-one-year-old Canadian actor, including acquiring a Gosling-friendly wardrobe, keeping your facial hair "more GQ-than-grizzly," utilizing the finer points of jaw-manipulation, keeping your smile "thin and simple," and, of course, rocking a hoodie.

If you're one of those unscrupulous lookalikes, now would be an auspicious time to usurp the Gosling identity, as the real McCoy is over in Bangkok, Thailand filming Only God Forgives with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. (But stay away from Eva Mendes, she's spoken for.) And speaking of Mendes, Thompson says he prefers her to Rachel McAdams:

"Rachel is a little cutie but she broke his heart. I gotta go with Eva. She is bad. I mean that in a positive way. She's a total dime. If I dated her I would need oven mitts because she is one hot mamacita."

Also, if you look nothing like Ryan Gosling, you can just go ahead and disregard everything in the video.