Watch: Strangely dressed Walmart shoppers inspire “People of Walmart” music video

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A catchy new music video by Nashville-based college student Jessica Frech, inspired by the People of Walmart photoblog, which features shoppers and their "unique" sartorial choices at the world's largest retailer, is going viral with almost 400,000 hits on YouTube, while the song itself, "People of Walmart," is currently available on iTunes.

Frech says that it took her a little over three weeks to write, record, and film the video, and that she just couldn't resist paying "tribute" to Walmart's oddball fashion parade. She said, "These people were basically asking me to write a song about them. What started out as a late-night songwriting session, turned into a full production idea." The "We Didn't Start the Fire"-esque acoustic ditty uses clever wordplay to highlight the gamut of humanity that can be found on any given day at Walmart, whether that means Little Bo Peep, Captain America, or a Civil War re-enactor. If the buzz continues, Frech may just find herself in Rebecca Black territory before too long.