Watch: Taiwanese animators imagine just how awesome Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby will be

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Those bizarre Taiwanese, animated news reports are always amusing, even if they're simply just re-enacting the news with silly-looking cartoon people. But imagine if they did more. Well, you're in luck. The latest clip doesn't just announce the internet-shaking news of Beyonce's pregnancy it speculates just how awesome her yet-to-be-born child will be. And for the record, it's a whole lot of awesome.

Watch as it Baby B hangs out with "Nanny" Nicki Minaj, raps with dad and even does the obligatory "Single Ladies" dance with his mama. I guess we should be happy for the tot, but perhaps the saddest part of this family affair is that it totally crushes our dreams that Beyonce and Jay-Z will one day adopt us.