Watch that dude who resembles Ryan Gosling’s new Gosling instructional video

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Last month, we were introduced to video producer Joey Thompson, whose fortuitous resemblance to versatile thespian Ryan Gosling led to a tongue-in-cheek YouTube video aiming to teach others how to resemble the Canadian superstar as well. His advice, while well-intentioned, was obviously a poor substitute for plastic surgery.

Now, with his follow-up video, "How to Live Like Ryan Gosling," Thompson walks RyGos wannabes through the finer points of this more attainable goal. (Though most people probably aren't looking to dish out ass-whippings in elevators.) Drawing from Baby Goose flicks as disparate as Lars and the Real Girl and Drive, and aided by more clever editing tricks, Thompson teaches us how to live the fake movie life, as well as the actual life, of a real Hollywood star. (And yes, it involves a scorpion logo jacket.)

Though his minor fame as Gosling's doppelganger hasn't led to an actual face-to-face encounter with his hero, Thompson has had an inadvertent brush with greatness. He explains:

"Ryan's restaurant, Tagine, actually Tweeted the video. They said, 'Does this guy look like Ryan Gosling? What do you think? We prefer the real thing.' What I gleaned from that is, 'Hey you loser, you don't look like Ryan and you're not as cool.' This of course is why I made the second video, I wanted to highlight the fact that I don't think I'm some sweet dude who wears leather jackets and talks like Ryan Gosling."

So good luck with your Gosling-emulation efforts and, again, stay away from Eva Mendes.