Watch: The “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Fight Club” mash-up you didn’t know you were waiting for

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Apparently, there is a well known (at least on the internet) interpretation of Fight Club which considers the movie to be a continuation of the beloved comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, with the unnamed protagonist as a grown-up Calvin and the imaginary Tyler Durden* as a more adult reincarnation of Hobbes. I'm not sure if I quite buy it — because while I don't think anyone believes that Chuck Palahniuk was thinking of that as he wrote the novel, I do think that Hobbes was far too refined to become Durden. But hey, it's still a nifty bit of parallelism:

*If anyone complains about spoilers in the comments, I will come at you. The movie came out in '99, the book in '96. I think we can all agree that the statute of limitations on spoilers is over. Also, Rosebud is a sled.