Watch: The dangers of getting carried away with Foursquare

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Foursquare the game

The most annoying part of using Foursquare (besides the fact that I'm using it at all, of course) is having to scroll through dozens of places that don't belong on there, such as "Mike's house" or "Summer party 2009". There are more houses and other phony establishments in the immediate area of my apartment than legitimate businesses, which is a problem when I'm trying to check in at, uh, the post office.

Seriously, though, let this video be a warning to all you social networkers who try to turn this into a sport more along the lines of Foursquare… that is, the Foursquare you play with a ball, seen above. No one cares if you're the Mayor of your house or your dry cleaners. An even bigger no-no would be checking in at someone else's apartment…

Residential Foursquare from Wiseguy Pictures on Vimeo.

Actually, that would be kind of brilliant. If you want random people to drop by your apartment and bring beer, you could create it as a check-in site and mention "The booze, naked women and cocaine flow freely in and out of here…"