Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt help Auto-Tune the News

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Sometimes I forget about former Third Rock-er and current twee heartthrob Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I get so caught up with the Ryan Goslings, Michael Fassbenders, Ryan Gosling abs, and Michael Fassbender penises of the world that poor Gor-Lev just fades from my overly-hormonal mind. But then, he does something like join YouTube stars the Gregory Brothers ("Bed Intruder") in Auto-Tuning the news and all of a sudden, I'm Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles, dreaming up ways of getting JGL in the auto shop and then, consequently, my arms. I mean, listen to the way he says "strat" at 0:09! He might as well be saying, "Hey Colette, how about you stop working so hard and let me hum Jacques Brel songs in your ear while cooking pancakes, babe?"

In the video, Gordon-Levitt helps the Gregory Brothers do what they do best — make outlandish things said by political players into fresh, bass-popping songs for the kids. "Get Money, Turn Gay"'s target is the 2012 presidential election, and it features scenes of Newt Gingrich rapping about cash money and Jim Stossel sharing his thoughts on voting. But the undeniable star of the video (if one doesn't count JGL's foxiness) is little-known candidate Vermin Supreme. The way he soars through the melody in his sweet wizarding garb, pledging ponies for all, leads me to think that he can really run this town country.