Watch the President of Bolivia kick his rival in the nuts

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Evo Morales

We heard about this story earlier this week, but now we have an embeddable video clip of the popular but controversial Bolivian President, a populist worker who has been bringing his own brand of socialism to the impoverished nation. Evo Morales has won unprecedented power, thanks to his genuine working-man roots and refusal to sell the government and its resources out to international corporations. Of course, he is also unafraid to go after his enemies, as this video proves.

Supposedly suiting up for a friendly us-vs.-them match between the Movement Towards Socialism and Movement Without Fear, the top political parties in Bolivia, Morales is seen here wearing a green jersey and exacting brutal and revenge on one of his opponents after two other players have a run-in. The rest of the match was no cleaner: two players left with red cards, one was arrested and released, and there were numerous injuries before a 4-4 draw.

Skip to about thirty seconds in and hold onto your nuts…