Watch the severely awkward new video from “Marcel the Shell” creator

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In a bold move, Dean Fleischer-Camp — boyfriend of Jenny Slate, co-creator of the beloved "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On" — has followed up his adorable-yet-eerie-and-uncomfortable video series with a new project that's mostly just eerie and uncomfortable. The concept? Secretly taping people who think they're posing for a regular picture. The results? Predictably, very awkward.

As long as you're into schadenfreude, though, it's easy to get into, especially when he pulls this prank on the likes of Zach Galifianakis, who seems to fall for it completely as he poses next to a dog in an unexplained medical cone. In fact, the only person who isn't fooled here is Slate, who calls him on it at various points throughout the video. 

Take a look at the video above. You've probably never realized how weird people look when posing for pictures, and you'll probably never be un-self-conscious about it ever again.