Watch: The Taiwanese CGI version of the Brett Favre scandal

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We haven't spoken much about the Brett Favre sex scandal around these parts — probably because it's just kind of gross and there's not much more to say about it besides "Ew?" If you don't know, Jenn Sterger, a former sideline reporter for the New York Jets, claims that Favre sent her (and others) unwanted pictures of his penis. (Charming. I always say, "If at first you don't succeed, cock shots.") That's the gist, and as you can see, it's not really sensationalist or salacious, just sad.

But thankfully, the good people Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese company that makes those lovely, crazy CGI videos of our most important trashiest news stories, came along to make the whole thing a bit more laughable. They also gave Brett Favre a great dye job:

A related question: is this really the news people in Taiwan want to import from us? Because other, better things happen here, Taiwan! Really, they do!