Watch: The viral “Ching Chong!” song responds to UCLA student’s racist rant

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Ching Chong means I love you

A few days ago, one Alexandra Wallace posted a racist rant about how much her Asian classmates at UCLA bug her. I'm not going to post a link, but I will paint you a mental image: a young girl sits in a dorm room, wearing a tank top and an ungodly amount of makeup (especially considering she's in her pajamas), presses up her boobs, sucks in an "OMG," and begins to whine. 

It's got everything you'd expect, including a healthy dose of "ching chongs" and "bing bongs," and yet serves no purpose, except to express some poorly formulated discontent. It will, however, remind you why you were more than a little bit happy to graduate from college. (Unless you went to Oberlin, in which case it will remind you of an anthropology seminar you took called "Sweatpants & Sororities: Analyzing Otherness in Contemporary Western Society").

Fortunately, for every heinous internet action, there is a refreshing reaction. This kid (whose video is quickly racking up views, on its way to beating Alexandra's) made the internet's favorite. It starts off slow, but give it a minute or two — by the time he's harmonizing with himself, you'll be tapping your foot in glee.