Watch this dude convince thirteen celebrities to let him crash at their places

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Remember Kato Kaelin? (I know, blast from the past, right? I mean, I was only five when he was famous, but still: B from the M-F P). He was this doofy, laid-back actor guy, and then he became the star witness at the OJ Simpson trial 'cause he was at the Simpson estate the night of the murder, and for about a month you couldn't turn on a TV without hearing Leno joke about America's favorite houseguest.

Well, comedian Mark Malkoff makes Kato Kaelin look like a shaggy-haired creepster with a poorly furnished Couchsurfing account. That's because on a recent trip to Los Angeles, Malkoff crashed at the homes of not one, but thirteen celebrities.

Malkoff's adventures in celebrity couchsurfing started when he booked a trip to Los Angeles and decided that he didn't want to pay for a hotel room. Rather than do as you or I would and cancel his trip, contact his relatives in the area, or crash on the scabies-ridden couch of a stranger with a vintage Scandinavian erotica collection, Malkoff decided the next logical step would be to e-mail dozens of celebrities, and ask if he could crash at their places. 

Through what could best be described as ferocious, honey badger-like tenacity, Malkoff wrangled his way into the homes of Family Ties' Justine Bateman, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, Rob Corddry, Kristen Schaal, Ed Begley, Jr., Lisa Loeb, and some other celebutastic celebuprises. Also, some doofy, laid-back actor guy. I dunno, I think he was friends with the guy from Naked Gun or something.