Watch this sublime super-cut of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”

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There's a certain formula that comes with the Internet "supercut." The editors (or, more to the point, the unemployed editors who have the time in their schedule to accomplish these mini-masterpieces) find a certain phrase or visual trope to exploit, comb through their hefty film archives to locate said phrases and/or tropes, and smash them all together. Highly enjoyable stuff, but it's a fairly simple process once you know what you're looking for.

But, as is the case with any great piece of artistry, it isn't until someone messes with the well-established formula that the results become truly transcendent. 

Enter: the Lionel Ritchie "Hello" supercut.

This is a game-changer, folks. There's really no need to go any further into it, so I'm just going to step out of the way and let you watch it: