Watch this video of Harrison Ford watching the Indiana Jones movies

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It's amazing how many actors never watch certain movies they've starred in. Sometimes it's a strange mental hiccup that won't allow them to comfortably watch themselves onscreen, essentially an exaggerated version of us normal folk not enjoying how we look in certain photos. Every now and then it's just a matter of logistics — when you're putting in fourteen-hour days on set, it's tough to find enough time to sit down for ninety minutes and enjoy a flick. And occasionally, it's just because the actors know that, deep down, the movie they spent months of their life working is one heaping, steaming pile of shit. 

But as to why Harrison Ford never had a chance to sit down and take in the iconic and vitally important Indiana Jones trilogy (let's all collectively forget about that wretched fourth entry, shall we?) until now is a mystery without an answer. Was he too busy picking out just the right earring? Luckily, when he finally did get a chance to watch them, cameras were there to catch his every reaction:

Oh: and never you mind that Ford's decided to watch the trilogy in the exact same room, and holding the same kind of controller, as when he filmed this little piece for during which he gave the Indy-esque video game "Uncharted 3: Drake's Revenge" a spin on the ol' PS3. That's just what we call coincidence, people.