Watch: topless nerd explains the rules of “Guy Code”

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As a female and an strict believer in the truth of cultural cliches, I'd always assumed that male friendships, unlike drama-heavy lady friendships, were simple, uncomplicated, and worry-free. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Watch the above clip for one (very shirtless) man's in-depth explanation of "Guy Code," apparently a very real and serious thing. Today's lesson: "Don't go after the ex, even if she's trying to crawl down your pants," as exes of friends are so often wont to do. 

Among the reasons to forever avoid the dating of friends' exes? "Secrets can be told," and in a nutshell, "It really says 'hey I don't care about your friendship, I'm gonna hit that, and you can't do anything about it. And I'm gonna bring her around and show her off and we're gonna go out and talk about all sorts of stuff in front of you and make you feel awful.'"

So yeah, think about that, guys. As an added bonus, if you watch all the way to the end, our intrepid code interpreter explains his shirt-averse ways. Spoiler: it may or may not be "a guy thing."