Watch: The viral rap video “Whole Foods Parking Lot”

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A new song and video called "Whole Foods Parking Lot," starring David Wittman of fledgling Bay Area collective Fog and Smog, confronts the challenges involved in shopping at Whole Foods head on, with an emphasis on the parking situation. Wittman keeps it as real as you can possibly get while driving a Prius, rapping about "fools with clipboards" and those little shopping carts.

I don't know if Wittman has ever seen Office Space, or listened to Das Racist and M.C. Paul Barman, but if you threw them all in a blender, with a shot of Beastie Boys humor, this is probably what you would get. Shot in Santa Monica, the video is apparently a big hit with Whole Foods, who welcome its viral outbreak. And how could you not be down with such ill lyrics as:

"Some girl in yoga pants is lookin' at me funny/ I'm just tryin' to find a decent pinot noir for under twenty/ Then I take it to the cheese counter — 'Humboldt Fog?'/ 'We just ran out, sir' 'Really dawg?' I've been on edge ever since they took kombucha off the shelf/ This buster's on his iPhone talkin' to his friends/ Pickin' up some cayenne pepper for his master cleanse/ 'You're the most annoying dude I've ever seen brah/ Could you please move? You're right in front of the quinoa.'"

They should know better than to front on the kombucha. The whole thing makes me want to drink a 40 oz. of carrot juice.