See what Scream would look like if directed by Wes Anderson

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A Wes Anderson-inspired version of

Despite Wes Anderson and horror-innovator Wes Craven's drastically different directorial styles, in a town with two Wes's (which is two more than I expected there to be in Hollywood), it's conceivable that one could be confused with the other. One sketch comedian took this idea and ran with it, imagining what Craven's Scream franchise would look like if indie-darling Anderson took over the reins.

Director Ross Everett swapped one cropped blonde haircut with another, replacing the adorable Drew Barrymore with a Margot Tenenbaum-type who smokes American Spirits, speaks French, and would pair brie with a 1978 vintage port. And what can be scarier than Craven's raspy-voiced Ghostface? Well, how about the brooding Owen Wilson-look-a-like who lies beneath the mask, whose penchant for killing is matched only by his apathy? With a series of symmetrical shots, a heavy-hand in color correcting, and a scene set to a minimalist version of David Bowie's "Rock n Roll Suicide," this parody is spot on. What cinches it is when Katherine opens the door to find Ghostface with his head hanging bashfully low. The moment when he slowly lifts his face to meet Katherine's is comedic, movie-trope gold.

That said, if Anderson ever does think about making a horror movie, I hope he keeps Pagoda from The Royal Tennenbaums in mind. I think he would make a great villain… and we already know how slick he is with a knife.