Watch: Will Ferrell, Will Forte and others apologize to women for everything

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Ever since we told you about those two creepy dudes, Arjuna Ardagh and Gay Hendricks, and their New Age-y "Manifesto for Conscious Men" and "Dear Woman" YouTube video apologizing for women's victimhood through the ages, caused by unconscious male forces or something, I've been waiting for the parody video to inject some humor into this well-intentioned, but ultimately culty and ridiculous, neutered groveling.

That day has finally arrived, and who better to give us the deadpan satire we so richly deserve than Will Ferrell, along with Will Forte and his cheesy British accent, as well as many other comedians. I'm not convinced that the gender-neutral construction, "we-sterectomy" is going to be adopted into the language anytime soon, but I appreciate the thought.