We prefer products placed beside our own Facebook photos than a picture of Beyonce

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Yet another notch in our Narcissistic Generation belt: according to a new study, advertising products on our Facebook pages seems to be the most effective way to trick us into wanting things. Scientists did some fancy experiments to test how consumers reacted to fake car ads on their Facebook pages and the Facebook pages of others. And the majority of the time, people preferred the cars that appeared on their own pages.

"These results show that the car brands did not benefit from Facebook directly, but rather from their proximity to the consumers' personal content."

Thing is, this correlation only happens if you have some modicum of self-confidence. The results of the finding were especially true for people with high self-esteem, "and when brand concepts are linked to consumers' self-concepts, some of those positive feelings rub off onto the brands." So if you absolutely hate yourself, you have nothing to worry about.