Webcomic pranks conservative pro-marriage group on their own website

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So, here's a tip for conservative homophobes: don't hotlink. It's annoying. And, if you're going to hotlink, make sure you bother to do at least a little background check first. The National Organization for Marriage, whose acronym "NOM" also happens to be how the internet spells "eating" (nomnomnom), followed neither rule when they embedded a hotlink to this SMBC comic.

SMBC is the opposite of conservative, but whoever posted it obviously just thought it was funny and didn't bother to click around. However, when SMBC noticed the material on NOM's website (and that it had been hotlinked), they did what any tech-savvy and adventurous kids would do — changed the image on their site to something hilariously pro-gay, the image above. NOM, of course, noticed and took down the comic — but not before a gazillion people visited its site and saw the message of equality. In fact, this escapade sent so much traffic that NOM's site crashed.

Someone's going to have to explain how the biggest traffic surge they've seen was caused by a bunch of gays. 

anti-gay marriage prank