Wikipedia celebrates 10th birthday by allowing users to plan the party, obviously

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Break out the champagne glasses and condoms. Wikipedia — the user-generated, one-stop-shop compendium of all human knowledge on the internet, without which many of us would be perpetually clueless — is celebrating its tenth year of existence this Saturday, January 15th.

In keeping with its trademark do-it-yourself philosophy, the international celebration is being organized by users like you; Wikipedia has set up a celebration page which already lists forty-seven events scheduled in the US and over 400 (and counting!) across the world. What are the requirements and restrictions for hosting or attending an event? Apparently, the same as they are for writing an article — absolutely nothing.

Event hosts range from organizations like Wikimedia New York, to Benny's Bagels, to just plain guys named Josh. So whether you donate half your paycheck to the Wikimedia foundation every year or just want to "help disambiguate our local brew pubs," take comfort and pride in the fact that eighty-four percent of what you know (citation needed) came from the very drunken idiots you'll be celebrating with!