Woman sells the first spot in line for the new iPad 2 for $900

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line for the iPad 2

Apple mania, it seems, has not abated. A college student, Amanda Foote, was the first person to start waiting in line outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store for the new iPad 2. She began her wait last Wednesday at 5 pm, and stood in line for nearly forty-eight hours, until Friday at 9 am, when she sold her spot for nearly a thousand dollars. 

Hayem Sayeed, the developer who forked over 900 dollars to be the first one in the doors, will have to spend an additional $499 for the device itself. Why, precisely, it's worth nearly an extra grand to have the tablet a couple weeks before the rest of us, I'll never know. However, even for this very tepid Apple fan, there is something fun about obsession taken to its extremes, whatever the object. 

The ticket vendor, Amanda, says she'll use her 900 dollars on something perhaps equally obsessive: tickets to a Lady Gaga concert.