Yelp now helps you avoid hipster hangouts

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As a local-service search engine, Yelp has done a lot for us over the years. Thanks to its myriad of user comments and search options we've found everything we might have missed just by wandering the neighborhood — like places with awesome drink specials or places with delicious food, or places with food we can actually afford (which, here in New York, can be a major issue).

Well, now we know which places to flat-out avoid. Yelp has just added a new option to its "ambience" category — hipster. Presumably, so you know where not to go. We're not really sure what constitutes "hipster ambience" anyway, though. Perhaps they're bars and venues that reek of Parliaments and PBR. Or places that are patronized (and we mean literally patronized) by boys with beards and girls in jeggings. Not that I would know. No, of course not.