Yes, the Taiwanese animators went there with the Stephen Hawking sex-club story

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Whether or not you think it's a legitimate news story, Stephen Hawking's visits to California's Freedom Acres sex club have captured the imagination of the non-scientific public at large. The cognitive dissonance of Stephen Hawking at a swingers' club, for good or ill, is now a known reality, and will forever color our associations with the seventy-year-old genius. 

Ever since the infamous Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren Thanksgiving spat, the guys and gals at Taiwan's NMA Studios have been there to give their cockeyed take on the news in animated form. In their latest offering, the NMA gang show why Hawking can consider himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Not only does he have privileged access to the deepest secrets of the universe, but when it comes to sex clubs, he's the boss. (Freedom Acres owner Peter Stringfellow calls Hawking "The Man.") Lest anyone get offended, remember, Hawking is merely made to look like The Smartest Pimp U Know. Not many people can grok abstruse physics equations, but we all understand sex clubs. Even though the puns in the brief video are godawful ("Oh, yeah, I'm gonna go supernova in your wormhole!"), I'm still glad they went there.