YouPorn accidentally reveals users’ login information

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It's getting to the point where you can't use any smutty technology service without worrying about your naughty side's becoming public knowledge. Last month, location-based hook-up app Grindr was hacked, and now smutty chat and streaming-video site YouPorn is also suffering from a security breach that exposed users' login information. The site — which guarantees you never have to actually download porn and leave it sitting in some folder for your parents to find after you've died in that unexpected ice-cream-truck accident — is massively successful, at one point becoming not just the most popular pornographic website around, but the eighty-third most popular website on the internet. So yeah, there are some people upset about the fact that YouPorn basically gave their email addresses and passwords away.

While it's amusing in a horrifying way to think of a smutty site auctioning off such knowledge to the highest bidder as it folds up shop, what happened here was less an act of malice and more an act of idiocy. As discovered on Swedish forum, some sloppy programmer left the login information for the chat section of the site on a server that was accessible to the public. This being the internet, it was only a matter of time before the files were discovered and then shared in as many ways possible.

You can read some of it here, if that's your thing, though honestly it's nowhere near as interesting as seeing hacked naked pictures. (Uh, not that I approve of that, but let's be honest: naked pictures > Yahoo accounts.) Though it is fun, in a sociological kind of way, to see what passwords other people use. They range from the security conscious ("23lya12lucy"), to the germane ("fuckmeboys"), to the sad ("edwardcullen"). Inevitably, several stupid people chose "password" as their password. They deserve this lapse of security most of all.

YouPorn has taken down the chat section of the site, and will probably be a bit more rigorous when it comes to hiring programmers in the future. The real lesson here, as always, is that when you put your stuff out on the internet, it is never totally safe. So accept that you can never run for public office and move on.