It may be Good Friday, but don't think that means celebrities have been good. 

America's (sort-of-sweetheart-who-is-she-again?) Amanda Bynes got a DUI after she sideswiped a cop car. Equally important and disturbing, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a thing now, and he may have given her a hickey. We can only hope she ends up starring in his next  thirty-minute avant-garde music video as some sort of dinosaur creature. 

And all was not communal on Community this week. Abed and Troy keep fighting (what up realistic character development!) And in real life, Chevy Chase is mean and fights with creator Dan Harmon, which would be a bummer if anyone liked him

The one bland class-act, as usual, is Beyonce. B finally has a tumblr, and she's relatable because she doesn't wear makeup but still looks like a supermodel, just like me. 

In sexy sex news, that famous study that says strippers make more money when ovulating might not have been so well-researched. (I wonder what was distracting the researchers from accurate data collection?) And asexuals are having a moment. That is, if we could only admit they're not secretly into us. 

And last but not least: an inevitable Hipster Games parody

Commentarium (2 Comments)

Apr 06 12 - 11:56pm

For a site that advocates freedom of sexuality and self, you're really posting about the relationship status and intimate activities of celebrities?

Apr 07 12 - 8:56pm

Amanda who?
as in who cares!