YouTube's scariest video may have been found

Every now and then, someone will say the internet is a dark, scary, unregulated place. Usually when this happens, I say something like "Yeah, but free porn!" And they say "Yeah, but 4chan!" And then I say "Yeah, but... free porn!"

Point is, my therapist and I never get anywhere with this, but I think she may have finally found her winning argument: 

All the porn in the universe can't counteract those chilling hundred seconds. But what is it? Buzzfeed and Copyranter declare it the scariest video on YouTube but offer little information as to what it is and, more importantly, what it wants from us. All we know for now is that it seems to be the work of an artist from Canada. God help us all.

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Commentarium (18 Comments)

Apr 12 11 - 9:37pm

That was deeply disturbing. I stopped watching after 24 seconds. I might have been irreparably scarred if I continued. i don't know what it was, but I know as much as I want to know. More, even.

Apr 12 11 - 10:24pm

No, sir. I stopped it when he started coming towards the camera around 40 seconds. I live alone. I don't need this shit.

Apr 13 11 - 2:20am

Stopped at the same spot. This is not okay.

Apr 12 11 - 11:37pm

That's Tonetta and he has been at this for years and will probably still be doing this when we're all in our graves.

Apr 12 11 - 11:39pm

it seems George Bush has found an interesting outlet for his talents since leaving office.

Apr 12 11 - 11:42pm
Virginia Smith

Two thumbs up!

Apr 13 11 - 12:23am

holy shit......oh god....i think i might have nightmares tonight..what in the HELL was that?!?!?!?

Apr 13 11 - 12:41am
Sexy Minx

Sure, if your a young person in this day and age then this is truly scary but if you were around before the 80's (when Ronald Reagan replaced a kickass counter-culture with a Candyass corporate culture) and lived a real life (instead 8 hours a day on a computer) then you'd know that this is just more silly shit on the Internet.

Apr 13 11 - 9:57am

Seconded. I could have been at this party.

Apr 13 11 - 11:06am

Ugh, get off your young-people-today-don't-know-anything high horse. It's played out. Let it go.

I have to say, I was surprised that people considered this scary! You see this kind of nonsense in New York performance art all the time...although I thought this one was pretty lackluster actually. This is what bombs in a New York venue on a Thursday. There must be far creepier ones out there that aren't as, well, Buffalo Bill.

Apr 13 11 - 2:16pm

Actually, I agree with you, too, @Bux. Not necessarily a "you young whippersnappers!" thing, just... I don't know, maybe I've been too much around.

Apr 25 11 - 4:20am

indeed..not scary.

Apr 13 11 - 8:30am


Apr 13 11 - 9:36am

Is this the new Rickroll?

Apr 13 11 - 6:31pm

Impressive that someone could get "high horse", "played out", and "New York performance art" all into one sentence and still be mad at someone else.

Apr 15 11 - 3:13am

Are you serious? is not scary, you have to look for more things...I support was too boring!!!

Apr 19 11 - 1:19pm

I love how people were saying how creepy/scarey it was, then one person comes along and says those people are silly and all of a sudden people are saying how dull the video is.
I personally thought it was hilarious in a What-on-earth-possesed-him kind of a way.

Jun 11 11 - 2:08pm

I'm not easily ipmersesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)