Mark Zuckerberg accidentally “likes” Mitt Romney, Facebookers revolt

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Last night, Facebook users gasped in horror when they thought Mark Zuckerberg was endorsing GOP presidential candidate Willard "Mittens" Romney. To clear things up, Zuckerberg does not publicly or privately support Romney; it was all a fluke. Here's how it all went down:

Slate writer Farhad Manjoo posted a link to Romney's website, writing: "Just try looking at the Romney logo without seeing the word MONEY." Zuckerberg liked the comment, and then casually went to sit on his bed coincidentally made of money. After his "like" was broadcast all over the site, Zuckerberg's face appeared next to the link to Romney's website, without Manjoo's critical comment. So, whenever anyone saw the link, they saw Zuckerberg's glowing white face next to it. Double yikes. Facebookers became somewhat aggravated, as they are wont to do, and left some thoughtful, well-reasoned comments about it:

"zuckerberg, you suck. So your [sic] a good little Harvard guy with other harvard white ass republicans." 

"he is ridiculous! Mark should either support Obama or just keep his mouth shut!!"

and, my favorite:

"Zuckerberg must have been hacked, or he's changing the spelling of his surname to Suckerberg."

The bug can be attributed to Facebook's non-stop updates (how's everyone liking Timeline, btw?) and the ability to pump out new code at a moment's notice. Think about it — all this trouble because someone in the FB office decided to omit a single field of information from a particular view. 

So, just to clarify: Mark Zuckerberg does not "like" Mitt Romney. Facebook should go about their business more carefully, and Facebook fans should calm down a tiny bit. Moving on.