Commentarium (10 Comments)

Jan 15 10 - 1:52pm

The one with the three dogs is AMAZING. Is this why I'm a cat person? Do dog people just chill nude with their pets?

Jan 15 10 - 5:19pm

Lurid Digs -- same concept (though NSFW), but way way funnier.

Jan 15 10 - 9:32pm

I think these guys are pretty smart because they know they have to say a lot with this picture. So the guy on the guy on the top right put his toy cars in the background to show a girl he may be a mechanic, and the guy with the dogs shows people he is an animal person, and of course lonely.

Jan 15 10 - 11:15pm

Yes that other site is similar - because they ripped off Obscene Interiors which did it first.

Jan 17 10 - 9:46am

I was hoping for one with a silhouetted penis. And lo, there it was. w00t.

Jan 22 10 - 6:58am

Dude flexing next to the beanie babies is priceless!

Apr 09 10 - 12:02am

this is much much funnier on the original website with commentary

Nov 21 11 - 1:04am

Too many compliments too litlte space, thanks!