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Jun 03 09 - 1:52pm

This is gorgeous photography. These images class up what is usually not the classiest American tradition.

Jun 03 09 - 2:18pm

@GC - If by "American tradition" you mean "over-privileged White suburban tradition" because that's all I see here. Beautiful photography however!

Jun 03 09 - 2:36pm

This is the most gorgeous photography of the stupidest tradition ever. Beautiful photos, tho, even when it's a girl being sprayed with a hose. Make Gloria Steinham proud, honey!

Jun 03 09 - 5:55pm

I just don't get why you would have such awesome photography of such stupid shit...

Jun 03 09 - 6:43pm

stupid tradition or not, it's captured through a gorgeous, artistic eye.

Jun 03 09 - 7:34pm

suoer editing!

Jun 04 09 - 2:39pm

Nice photography, but the subject matter turned my stomach.

Jun 04 09 - 8:12pm

whoever thinks springbreak sucks probably never went. Great photos.

Jun 04 09 - 8:45pm

this shit makes me horny. i wish i was cool and had a good body

Jun 08 09 - 12:16pm

stephen schuster is my hero

Aug 31 09 - 6:06pm

Although the pictures are pretty, a photographic viewpoint seems to be lacking. There's nearly not much depth, but maybe that's the point.

Sep 13 09 - 12:01am

Have a look at another coming off age tradition these kids celebrate end of school over 3.5 weeks and spend thousands on vehicles to take them around the country.

Oct 05 09 - 4:42pm

I agree cdj... although there are some nice single images, only the surface of this story was scratched. It could be done in a better, more complete way. These photos only show me the obvious. The video could use a lot of work as well.

Feb 04 10 - 6:19pm

fantastic photojournalism

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