Judah Friedlander Teaches Karate to Strippers

I go over the afternoon’s less on on paper with the girls before we practice. I’ve tailored these drills specifically for them. Karate isn’t all about form and technique. These ladies need to learn the reasons why certain moves are better than others. And they need to be taught what it takes psychologically to become a karate master.

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Sep 30 10 - 12:19am

He's lucky he knows karate because there are plenty of people who want to beat his annoying ass.

Sep 30 10 - 6:17am

this was painfully dumb

Sep 30 10 - 10:20am

Really? I found it pretty hilarious. Although, I really like jokes about ninjas.

Sep 30 10 - 3:55pm

We get this instead of "Talking To Strangers?" He even apes a lame chuck norris-ism ("I don't strap into the car, the car straps into me"...or whatever the fuck he rights. I don't even want to hit the back button on my browser to read it).

Oct 01 10 - 1:03am

pretty lame, nerve. seems like nothing more but an excuse for boobs