Ten Classic Movies Drawn as Little Golden Books

Terminator 2, Silence of the Lambs, The Big Lebowski and more.
Josh Cooley is a story artist at Pixar who creates images for children’s films by day. By night, he brings his artistic talent to less G-rated fare, illustrating grown-up classics in the style of Little Golden Books. The results, while not pieces you’d hang in your kid’s nursery, are pretty priceless.
Ten Classic Movies Drawn as Little Golden Books

Commentarium (22 Comments)

Jun 29 10 - 2:14am

I don't care if it's old. It's good. Especially the horse's head done LGB style.

Jun 29 10 - 9:32am

These are wonderful. I want to hang them above my crib.

Jun 29 10 - 12:23pm

I would totally read The Silence of the Lambs

Jun 29 10 - 2:51pm

It should be "its skin."

Jun 29 10 - 3:24pm

That's funny - I noticed that too. On the author's blog, he's got a long, funny post about that misspelling (apparently, he didn't notice it until after his book went to print!)

Jun 29 10 - 4:40pm

Love these. I wouldn't mind a print of The Graduate picture.

Jul 01 10 - 2:30pm

not bad.... could be a little edgier. those are all such classic movies & scenes that it almost seems a bit commercial.

Jul 01 10 - 4:35pm

AWESOME. It's such a great juxtaposition. I can think of a million great scenes and lines this treatment would work for.

Jul 01 10 - 7:10pm

I love Se7en! One of my all-time favorites! Creepy moment in that movie too. Very memorable.

Also, noticed the "its" misspelling and laughed. I will have to read his blog about it. :)

Jul 01 10 - 10:07pm

Actually, I believe "it's" is correct, since it implies ownership. Replace it with "John" and you'd need the apostrophe.

Jul 02 10 - 2:25am
some guy

I want to see a Taxi Driver book

Jul 02 10 - 10:00am

love the Silence of the Lamb page

Jul 02 10 - 2:06pm
Gotta Love It!

Did anyone recognize the first one as "The Professional" (nee "Leon") with Jean Reno (DaVinci Code) and the first time we saw Natalie Portman? They didn't have the movie name posted with the image. One of my all time favorites!

Jul 02 10 - 7:00pm
Chris Fletcher

No, from an English teacher...the proper possessive is (counter-intuitively)"its," not "it's."

Jul 04 10 - 3:07pm

Gotta include "Fargo" to make the series complete :)

Jul 05 10 - 2:40pm
Ferenc Szabo

"It's" is a contraction of "it is" If you can replace "it's" with "it is", then it's correct. The first picture is repeated later, with the caption that it is indeed from "The Professional" (the only movie I've never heard of).

Jul 05 10 - 5:36pm
The Grammar Police

"... it rubs the lotion on its skin..."

There is NO apostrophe in "its." Learn grammar, punk.

Jul 06 10 - 6:34pm

You all definitely need to check out "The Professional" (if you haven't already). Definitely classic.

Jul 08 10 - 12:28am
Sam O. Brown

Wow! Cinema history began in 1967 and only concerns films made or released by a major Hollywood studio?! Pretty sad.

Aug 19 10 - 6:52pm

loved them i saved the silence of the lambs one. thanks

Aug 24 10 - 9:11pm

Fargo, Pulp Fiction? Need those. A Kill Bill one would be good also