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A gallery of other people's rejection letters.

Commentarium (31 Comments)

May 25 10 - 12:16am

These are hilarious, love the Princeton rejection letter the best.

May 25 10 - 10:20am

The princeton rejection is sooooo great.

May 25 10 - 10:52am

I love the grant denial. If only all rejections came with such creative drawings, I think that the whole process would be easier.

May 26 10 - 1:32am

I think the grant denial was printed on the applicants drawing lol

May 26 10 - 9:54am

No the applicant drew ON his rejection letter.

May 26 10 - 12:19pm

I don't get it

May 26 10 - 1:39pm

The artist applied for a grant, was declined, then drew a cartoon on the rejection letter portraying how soul-sucking it can be begging for money to support your art.

May 26 10 - 5:05pm

Princeton is a fake. The body of the letter is clearly altered. print is darker and the e is slightly different.

May 26 10 - 6:11pm

second the hamburgler - princeton is for sure a fake ... nice try?

May 26 10 - 11:22pm

I'm not saying the Princeton letter is genuine, but it's on letterhead from 1957, the fonts are likely different. One is printer font and one is typewriter.

May 27 10 - 12:14am

Also think that the LSU rejection letter is a fake. I've worked for a college, and no matter how bad a submission is, I cannot EVER imagine a circumstance like that. At least not from anyone that wants to keep their job.

May 27 10 - 9:23am

I'm not so sure, cat. I've heard some New Delta stories. (It's staffed by volunteer students.)

May 27 10 - 9:41am

The Princeton letter is genuine. The body and letterhead were pre-printed, the salutation and closing typed later. This was common in 1957. What is really interesting about is that Princeton got enough inquiries about its non-existent law school that it felt it necessary to pay for pre-printed 'no law school' rejection letters.

May 27 10 - 11:55pm

I love the text-message one! Drinking... can't drive... sleeping... but WHERE???

May 28 10 - 12:29pm

Also, the New Delta Reply. I wonder if they could possibly have put the statement "your work is quite terrible" into a more formal, polite phrase. LOL

May 28 10 - 3:20pm

I Googled the Princeton reject. It appears that he had an active practice in Michigan after graduating from Harvard in '60. (Who knew Harvard had a law school!)

May 31 10 - 2:21am

Wait -- Princeton, New Jersey has a COLLEGE?

May 31 10 - 11:06pm

But ... but ... Princeton DOES have a Law School ... it started in 1847. A friend of mine was President of the California State Bar, and he's a Princeton Law Grad. I guess Princeton *really* didn't like that applicant!! And-or it's a fake; still funny, either way.

Jun 01 10 - 12:06pm

Nope. While Princeton does have a program that focuses on law and public affairs, it hasn't had a law school since the 1850's. Your friend may have gotten some degree from Princeton and his J.D. from another university.

Jun 02 10 - 4:04pm

The New Delta Review one is real and well-known; and it's (intentionally) funny if you're an author/editor because that's often the subtext of more 'polite' rejection letters.