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Jul 01 05 - 10:13am

wow ... so many gorgeous bodies. the women are absolutely stunning in their beauty. lovely breasts ... sexy, sweet pussies ... and tight hot asses. and some of the guys are very sexy too. especially #26. here i am a straight married guy wishing i could feel his hard body and suck his cock hard. thanks for the pictures.

Apr 13 04 - 8:35pm

Why are they Shameless Nude ? All I can think is they are showing their naked bodies. The women are just beautiful,although I do not particularly care for shaved pubes. Men do not look at all natural with shaved private parts. Due to testesterone we are naturally hairy, some of course more than others, so Nerves, do everybody a favor, if you want to publish natural nude poses make sure your subjects(fenale and male) have hairy private parts, ptherwise you might as well publish boys and girls

Apr 09 04 - 11:42am

beaitiful, fantastic. How do you light your shots against the backdrops. Amazing.

Apr 07 04 - 11:23pm


Apr 06 04 - 10:48pm

HOT DAMN! I wish I lived in Germany.

Apr 05 04 - 8:34pm

Shaved private parts are not sexy. Men and women with shaved pubes are not sexy.

Apr 04 04 - 11:10pm

geeezzz... why don't you get in touch with your emotions concerning the models you choose. I feel like I just looked at a bunch amatuer shit... P.S. naked people aren't that interesting unless you can convey some emotion.

Apr 03 04 - 7:12pm

Natural is sexy, hairy is natural, therefore hairy is sexy. This shaving thing is just plain wierd - let's have men and women, not little boys and girls.