Designer Uses Celebrity Headshots to Determine If Symmetrical Faces Are Really More Attractive

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Countless studies have shown that symmetrical faces are preferred across the board, with some scientists attributing this curious favoritism to the fact that symmetrical faces seem more healthy, are more easily visually processed, and a desirable trait for future mates. Researchers have even attempted to nail down a “Golden Face Ratio” — naming young British woman Florence Colgate as the most beautiful face in the world.

Reddit user SaritaOsita23 created a thought-provoking series of images to discover if symmetrical faces really are more beautiful. The designer first duplicates the left side of each celebrity’s face and replicates it mirror-image onto the right side. The third image does the same process using the right side of the face replicated onto the left. Each image drastically alters the appearance of the already conventionally attractive individuals, some creating aesthetically pleasing new faces and others creating strange features. Scroll through the series below and decide if you think symmetry effects your perception of beauty.








[h/t Design Taxi]