Knowing You Could is Better Than Knowing You Will

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Knowing You Could Is Better Than Knowing You Will by Mark Bibbins  

I must see you; let’s meet at the fringes of respectability

at quarter past nine. We could straddle the oft-licked

curb, it’s the repetition we like. I promise not to say

anything louche and you will buss the backs of my fingers.

What is that noise coming from the other side of the river —

maybe pavement being set perfectly straight, or a woozy guitar.

In light like this we become automatic and can reach each other —

what a difficult noise to hold and clearly making love is all that.

Juiced, I’m sure we’re taller than before and don’t miss

what we’ve lost track of. All the while, the streetlights blush

in their frugal globes as if they could tell how the party towed us

along like a chain of rollerblade kids latched onto a bus.

If you want, we can go swimming down by the electrical plant

since, as you know, the water runs out warmest from its pipes.

Bring on the horse tranquilizers

for my listing heart is pecker-fretted, truculent and true.

Mark Bibbins and Nerve.com