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In the dark, the girl’s innocent chum

Misdirected his dick up her bum.

Being told gently so,

The lad piped, “Penis? No!

This is how I’ve stopped sucking my thumb!”

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“‘Cat,'” he said at the bar. “Really. Is

That for Katherine, Miss? — Mrs.? Uh . . . Ms.?”

She blinked blankly at him,

Lifted one lazy limb,

Licked her privates, and trod upon his.

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A young man who fucks knotholes in trees

Says revenge is his reason, and he’s

Had relations with shrubs

Since the best garden clubs

Snubbed his purple and pink peonies.

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Be he victim or vandal or sleaze,

He ignores Pete the Park Ranger’s pleas:

Not to put on a condom,

Pete says, is beyond him

These days what with Dutch Elm Disease.

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She did not date in Early Cretaceous,

Being spiky, cold-blooded, pugnacious;

And then how many males

Go for vulva with scales

And vaginas so clammy and spacious?

These poems first ran on NERVE in 2001.