Bare Floors

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Bare Floors by Melanie Hope  

The first time

I was on my back

On the stale basement floor

I didn’t care that the foam mat

Had been rotting for months

The blood-colored cloth draping it

Was home to pubic lice eggs

I just wanted his dick in me

To end this game

Be able to line up

With my friends again

Compare it to putting a tampon in

I didn’t care when he left to pee

From all the beer we had shared

I waited with my pants

Bunched around my knees until

He came back proudly

Fingering his twenty-one-year-old’s boner

Ready now to stick it in


Moaning my name

In a way I had never heard

In all the years

Through childhood we had played

I pretended not to care

When I slid from the foam

My coccyx bone scraping

The damp cold cement

I assured him it felt good


Trying to think of

Words to use on Monday

When I told my friends


Melanie Hope and Nerve.com