The Triangle Song

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The Triangle Song by Mark Wunderlich      

Two wanted to embrace    a third

moved forward    Stood on beach and

    tipped back a head

exposed throat, made luck, turn of arm

    a charm worn at the neck    Bring

hand to small of back    let

willowy wrist go slack

Fear stood up on thin legs at the water’s edge

    Three walked past the snow-tipped hedge    Three

mounted the gray wooden stairs

    In triangles they moved about the bed

blue veins moved their red cargo south

    a mouth became a cave, became a door

garments cast to floor, fabric in a crumple

    It was not difficult

It was not far

    the tear or cramp or turn of tissue

Enter the small form, enter the hardened muscle

    fuck away what lies down inside, what small doll

is buckled in the heart’s hasp

    What two can do, three can do better

Feel in your head what you cut from its tether

Mark Wunderlich and Nerve.com