A Life’s Work: Footloose

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Footloose - A foot-fetish photographer worships the nerve staff

Anthony Fusco is a New York-based foot photographer. A couple of weeks ago, he e-mailed me asking if I had nice feet and, if so, would I be interested in doing some paid modeling work? I was totally flattered. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that all other male staff members at Nerve got an identical message. Never one to frown on ingenuity (or desperation, as the case may be), I invited Anthony down to Nerve HQ to immortalize and analyze four sets of feet in one sitting. He was like a kid in a candy store. After I calmed him down, we had a little chat about the merits of the foot.

Grant Stoddard

So what did you think of our feet?

Oh, great. Really hot.

When you were taking pictures of us, did you get aroused?

You know, I did. But it’s difficult to show that kind of stuff when you’re in an office.

When did you get interested in this?

I guess I started when I came out, like, when I was eighteen. It really didn’t surface again until I was about thirty-eight. I just thought it was a little bizarre, that I was strange or something. Then I started reading about it in magazines, about clubs and stuff.

There’s a sizable community?

Yes, and it’s growing. There are foot parties every week, mostly in San Francisco, that average, I’d say, about 125 guys or so. I do most of my video work for a company in the Bay area. They’re called Under Foot Productions .

So, there’s no overtly sexual activity at these gatherings?

Basically, no.

Isn’t everybody sporting chubbies?

Well, it’s kind of hard to in front of thirty or forty people, you know? I prefer a smaller, private type of thing.

So what does happen at these parties?

Basically there are models posing around on stage, just showing off their footwear, socks, and bare feet, that kind of stuff. Guys walk around massaging them.

Do you have a preference for larger feet?

Yeah, I do. If you’ve got good-conditioned, well-kept feet, I admire that also. But in my opinion, bigger is better.

What did you think of my feet?

I couldn’t find any flaws with you. I really couldn’t.

I’ve been told that my arches are very high.

I like that, that’s cool. I think that’s sexy.

Yeah, and I’ve got, um, I have quite a ballet point, you know? I can really point my toe.

They’re flexible. That’s very good. (Quickly licks lips) You’re very clean, in good shape.

I know that some people are down with stinky feet.

Yeah, there are different categories. There are people who like clean feet, people who like athletic socks. Some people like the Wall Street look: nylon socks, that kind of stuff. Some guys have horrible-looking feet, so they like boots and shoes.

So how do you incorporate foot play into sex?

Massaging and rubbing them, putting the foot on top of you, putting the foot on your penis. I can get into just sucking on toes or massaging feet. It’s kind of like foreplay for me.

Sure, but do you go further than that? Do ever hear about people ejaculating onto other people’s feet?

Oh sure. I do that. It’s fun, too.

So among all of us, Jim was your favorite.

Yeah. It was just because of the width of each foot. That kind of attracted me more.

He’s actually going to be doing some modeling for you. Is he going to be fully clothed except for his feet? Is it just going to be him alone?

All my models are basically done one at a time. I give everybody their own space, their own time.

I just noticed that in your portfolio, there are a couple shots of guys with girls.

I do quite a few things. I do guys alone, and I’m starting to do male-female. I hope to do male-male. I’m doing everything right now.

Where does foot fetishism come from?

I think it’s from when you’re a kid, really. From what I hear and what I’ve seen, a lot of it has to do with running around barefoot and watching other kids playing barefoot.

How does that translate to anything sexual?

I don’t know, really. It has to be the right kind of foot. It triggers something inside.

Do you spend more time than the average guy making sure your feet are in good condition?

I don’t go in for a lot of pedicures. I kind of do that on my own. Just making sure the nails are clipped and scrubbed up.

Yeah, I’d imagine that it’s a fairly expensive business, if you went regularly, right?

Actually, you can get it pretty cheap, for like fifteen or twenty bucks. Men shouldn’t go any more than once a month. I wouldn’t go every week. Women go every week.

You liked it when we positioned our feet heel to toe, didn’t you?

That’s what I look at first; it’s the most attractive part. It’s just like… one long foot.

How about the tops of the feet?

The toenails have to be well trimmed. Well-pedicured feet show a man cares.

So how do you feel about your own feet?

I’ve been complimented a lot. But I don’t look at myself that way.

Postscript: With Anthony waving a hundred sheets under our noses, both Jim and I agreed to become the newest additions to Under Foot’s roster of foot studs. Jim’s photo session took place in the privacy of an uptown rehearsal studio. For my shoot (see top photo), Anthony envisioned something much grander, beautiful even: Central Park on the first day of spring.


Photos by Anthony Fusco



Verdict:Joey is a man with powerful-looking feet. The length and width are enough to make a man want to break out the whipped cream and strawberries.”

Joey’s reaction: I’ve never thought of my feet as powerful. When I get queasy, like if I see a lot of blood or something, my feet get sensitive and I want to sit down. I like a good foot massage, but the idea of Anthony licking whipped cream and strawberries off my feet kinda creeps me out.


Verdict: “Nicely shaped, great arches. Perfect for his size, with well-kept nails.”

Grant‘s reaction: My ex-girlfriend gave me a complex. In response to my observation that the graduation of her toes was a bit too sharp, she unleashed a torrent of podiatry criticism. Her precise argument, I believe, was that I had “ugly, square Barney Rubble feet.” Anthony’s positive foot feedback came as sweet vindication.


Verdict: “Jim’s feet are so wide and meaty; just perfect for one of my special foot massages! Keeping the hair off the tops would be a great idea. Other than that, he’s a fetishist’s dream.”

Jim‘s Reaction: This is the first positive feedback I’ve ever gotten on my feet. The only reason I did the photo shoot was because I was so sure they’d be really repulsive. They’re an evolutionary step backwards. Long, prehensile toes — one of which looks permanently broken — a couple calluses, and a lot of hair. Few women would touch them, much less look at them. So I was pretty surprised when he expressed an interest in giving me money for them.


Verdict:Brian‘s soles are his best asset; very smooth, soft and kissable! There’s room for improvement, though. He could definitely get a pedicure and call me for another shoot!”

Brian’s Reaction: For me, seeing someone else’s feet is always like looking carefully at someone else’s hands or catching a locker-room glimpse of another guy’s penis: They never really look like yours  . . . and since yours are what you’re used to seeing, they always seem disturbingly different. That’s the nice thing about having your feet examined by a foot fetishist: he’s developed a sophisticated palate.

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