A Life’s Work: Plaster Caster

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Plaster Caster: a Life's Work

Everyone wants to have sex with a porn star, right? Okay, only a few people do, but the closest they’re going to get to the professionals are probably their signature sex toys, cast from their very own famous genitals. J.C. Logan, the head of research and development for Doc Johnson Sex Toys and plaster caster extraordinaire, filled me in (not literally) on how they make those “ultra-realistic” replicas. —Jessica Baumgardner

Jessica Baumgardner: Porn star Chasey Lane says on your website, “I went through the uncomfortable molding process for you, my fans!” Can you describe that process for me?

J.C. Logan: We use a material called alginate, which is a sea kelp product used to thicken milkshakes at fast food places. You mix it with water and it becomes like marshmallow cream. If the person has any pubic hair, it’s a good idea to put some Vaseline or lube down there because alginate grabs. When it sets, it’s firm and it won’t distort, but it’s also flexible, kind of like, ah . . .

JB: Silly Putty?

JL: More like vinyl. Then you put a plaster bandage casing on the outside to hold the shape and keep the detail. This process usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. I always like women, as well as men, to be aroused when I’m doing a cast, because their labia fills with blood and their clit becomes erect, which creates more detail. I usually have the girls use a vibrator for a minute or so before.

JB: Is a woman’s, um, hole cast as well?

JL: You’re talking about the internal orifice? No, we sculpt them with a basic shape called a mandrill—

JB: Like the monkey?

JL: Well, it’s a metal piece that is inserted into our final mold to make the canal.

JB: Oh, like a “man-drill”!

JL: Huh. I just realized what that means. Only took me ten years to figure that out!

JB: Have you ever molded any parts of yourself?

JL: I think I’ve molded just about every part of me.

JB: For posterity?

JL: Mostly for fun and practice — and I also wanted to keep a chronological, you know . . .

JB: Record of your body’s deterioration?

JL: Exactly.

JB: Who was your most memorable adult castee?

JL: Jeff Stryker — I did his butt. Sometimes, if I know the person is a real classic porn star, I will do something to try to freak them out and make them laugh. For Jeff, we all dressed up in white lab coats, paper booties, long rubber gloves up to the shoulder, goggles, hairnets. When he walked in, I pointed to this bean bag in the middle of the room and I go, “Okay, spread ’em!”

JB: When you’re making a mold of someone’s anus, you’ve got to have a sense of humor. Has anyone ever looked at their mold and been unsatisfied with its size or shape?

JL: As far as dicks go, I enlarge most of . . . [trails off]

JB: No way.

JL: Yeah. I don’t want to say that, but whatever. They are enlarged a little bit.

JB: By how much?

JL: At least ten percent.

JB: Their whole career is a lie!

JL: Well, not really. I don’t like people to be too erect, because then you lose some of the texture. Also, there’s molding shrinkage — sometimes you can start with an orange and end up with a peanut.

JB: I noticed that Juli Ashton’s signature sex toy is her “full pussy and ass,” but others just have replicas the size of ashtrays. Who decides who gets what?

JL: It depends on their popularity, I guess. Juli sells really well — really sweet and sharp as a tack — and the movie company wants to support her. We’ve had other girls come in who are tweaked out of their head on heroin — and those are girls who get the ashtray-sized toy.

JB: I confess, I don’t see the allure of masturbating with a pink rubber ashtray.

JL: I know, it’s like fucking a chicken breast! I think a lot of them are really ugly. I don’t think I would buy one myself. I mean, I wouldn’t go buy a melon at the grocery store, warm it in the microwave and cut a hole in there, but people do that too.

JB: When are you going to start scenting them?

JL: We have a whole line of scented toys.

JB: Vagina scents?

JL: No, that would be . . . different. We have fruit-scented dildos and vibrators.

JB: I think you should heighten the fantasy by making them realistically scented.

JL: I’m not sure people would buy that. [In a sudden hillbilly accent] But we got ones that squirt ‘n burp!

JB: They all have a vibrating egg inside, I’ve noticed.

JL: I don’t get that. No woman’s vagina vibrates.

JB: Unless she’s an alien.

JL: I don’t know who started that vibrating trend, but I’d like to stop it. [As a hillbilly again] ‘Cause that requires a whole new mandrill piece!

JB: Is the John Holmes dong actually molded from him, considering he’s dead?

JL: Yes, it was cast a long time ago, way before me, but it was lost for many years. Then we had a fire that destroyed our entire production facility and while cleaning up the mess, they found one of the original John Holmes castings.

JB: My God, that’s like a holy relic of porn! I wonder if his penis was increased by ten percent, too.

JL: I would imagine so.

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